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  • Shop N Dress Food Roll Game Holiday DressShop N Dress Food Roll Game Holiday Dress Pick the perfect Holiday dress for the weekends but you must win some cash to get the dress you like.
  • Story Of AradoStory Of AradoTime to do some fighting in "Streets of Rage" style. Click the loading screen to start the game.

  • MamezoMamezoYou need to destoy the bubbles in space. You can do this by making bridges.
  • Dog Mahjong 2Dog Mahjong 2Connect same tiles with Dogs to Complete 10 different levels.Use your mouse to clear each of two similar tiles with dogs. Use the hint and get a clue. If you do not use the button to get more points. Tiles must be removed to each other, or they will be joined by a line with only two 90-degree angle.
  • E on Energy ChampionsE on Energy Champions Grab the falling garbage and put it into the correct recycling bin. Keep up or lose.
  • Talladega NightsTalladega Nights You have to win the race by going as fast as you can!
  • GroundedGroundedThe evil turnips are attacking the clubhouse! Blast your way to the root of the problem.
  • Crazy HoopsCrazy HoopsShoot the ball to all baskets and score points.
  • Eat The FishEat The FishThree cute kittens are very hungry. Feed\’em all! The cannon helps you to get the tasty fish for your cat! Move the cannon and solve the puzzles!
  • Rise of the ColonyRise of the ColonyThe colonists are under attack! Construct towers with gun turrets to defend the colonies from the brutal alien attacks. Research better habitats, mining facilities and weapons to give your civilization the advantage. The game's construction system is block based, making it fresh and easy to manage.
  • Rally RacingRally RacingSelect your car and track, complete 3 laps, and be the first to finish the race!
  • Robert Pattinson MakeoverRobert Pattinson MakeoverThe beloved vampire series of "Twilight Saga" continues with the final chapter, where Robert Pattinson is starring as Edward Cullen. The film is not over, we need to shoot some scenes, and Robert is not ready yet. Take care of his makeover, so we can continue filming the movie.
  • St Nick The QuickSt Nick The Quick Throw snowballs that the guys chasing Santa. Don't let them catch up or pass him or it's game over.
  • Batman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of DoomBatman and Superman Adventures World Finest Gauntlet of Doom Navigate to the exit at the other end of the challenge chamber.
  • Strawberry Bannana MuffinsStrawberry Bannana MuffinsTried of the boring blueberry muffins? Create a colorful and fruity breakfast treat with this strawberry banana muffin recipe! It's simple to make, just follow along with this easy recipe! Not sure what you're mixing together? Don't worry! Hover over the mouse to see what ingredients you'll need to prepare these delicious baked goods!
  • Paper CannonPaper CannonImagine that you have a simple paper cannon and you live in a paper world invaded by pink critters. You have to save the world. The paper world.
  • King Of SkeletonKing Of SkeletonGuide Kristan to glory by beating the course in time!
  • Alice in Wonderland - Hidden ObjectsAlice in Wonderland - Hidden ObjectsFind out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time to score more.
  • Match AllMatch AllMatch all the colors of the board using the bottom circles.
  • Stone BreakerStone Breaker This is an awesome remake of the classic Breakout game, with a
    completely new look and extra features. This game is set up in the Stone Ages
    where you've to break stones using a metallic ball. Bounce the ball up, using a wooden pad attached to a chain that runs around two pulleys.
  • Pink PrincessPink PrincessWhich of this lovely princess' rosy pink fantasy dresses, sparkling jewels and chic, colorful hairstyles would create the perfect fairytale look?
  • Dolphin Olypics 2Dolphin Olypics 2 Help our hero do some wicked water stunts.
  • Block FrenzyBlock FrenzyTry to clear the field by clicking on groups of blocks of the same color, making them disappear. When the blocks reach the top of the field, the game's over.

  • Dance Dance Of DeathDance Dance Of DeathYou have netered a competition in order to take down your ultimate rival, get past the qualifications and take him out in the finale,

  • Good Bye GreenGood Bye GreenClick to remove objects in the physics world and get the green pirate to fall off the screen.

  • Defense FleetDefense Fleet The enemy is relentless, but there's always time for asteroid target practice.
  • Boblin the GoblinBoblin the GoblinBoblin the Goblin puzzle game is played with the mouse, using the left hand mouse button to control all of the movement and any menu selections. The game is played by selecting flasks of potion in the Goblin wizard's lair to join three or more of the same color together. Selecting a group of flasks with the same color on the same line will make them disappear and all the flasks above them will drop down to replace them. Sometimes on filling the empty space groups of flasks may come together and give you extra points.There are two strategies on starting out, fir first would be to pick all the groups at the top and this would be slower but safer. Or you could select groups on the bottom lines, this is faster as you\’ll see more flasks disappear as they fall and come together. However the second strategy may not work later if you run out of choices as the levels on this game get progressively harder.
  • Beautiful Witch Dress UpBeautiful Witch Dress UpCould this witch have you under a spell? She looks beautiful when witches are usually very ugly and green! Although you may be under her spell you should make the effort to make her outfit looks as good as possible or she could turn you into a toad! Take your time to get the outfit right as you never know how she might react to your styling preferences! There are many different items to choose from in this game, going through them all is the only true way to find the best outfit for this strangely beautiful witch.
  • Peppy's Fergie Dress UpPeppy's Fergie Dress UpHelp her get dress up and groove with her humps.

  • Shin Chan MemoryShin Chan Memory Yopshito Usui, the person who created Shin Chan, was found dead in the mountains. This is horrible news of course. He has left behind one of the best animated comedies ever made.
  • Scooby Doo's Frozen FrightsScooby Doo's Frozen FrightsShaggy is waiting for Scooby to catch up in this frozen cave of frights! Avoid the obstacles by jumping or sliding to join Shaggy!

  • Funny HitterFunny Hitter Activate the characters those who are standing behind the fatty guy and beat him. Activate both the characters consecutively to beat the fatty guy when he gets distracted. Click on the character that you want to activate. If the fatty guy finds out wrongdoer, the game comes to an end.
  • Crash Landing EscapeCrash Landing EscapeCrash Landing Escape is another fun Escape Game. This time, you are on your way back home, you saw a mysterious light shined above you. The last thing you know, you're trapped inside a spaceship that's about to crash into earth. Your only hope of survival now is to escape before it crashes?
  • Retired Wizard DefenseRetired Wizard DefenseIs a relaxing retirement too much for an old wizard to ask for?
  • Pig NukemPig NukemYou're a simple country pig—called upon to nuke some nasty aliens!
  • Magic StickMagic Stick You are studying magic and you have to show off just how good you are by riding your magic broom without falling. To warn you: this is not easy!
  • Mickey And Friends Shoot & ScoreMickey And Friends Shoot & ScoreMickey And Friends Shoot & Score: Play Air Hockey with Mickey and Friends!
  • Mystery DifferenceMystery DifferenceThere are five pairs interesting pictures. Each pair has five mystery differences. Some of them are easy to find it, but how you go in every next picture it is harder to find it. Your job is to find that differences before time runs out. You have time of 60 seconds for each pair. Use mouse to click when you finds some differences.
  • jasmins worldjasmins world In Jasmin's world, there is a lot to explore. Sports, snacks, relaxation—Jasmin's life is good! Click on each object outlined in yellow to see what Jasmin does with it.
  • Super JerrySuper JerryThere is a witch who wants to catch Nibbles for experiment of her new magic. She hypnotizes Tom to do it for her. Now The witch has Caught Nibbles and locked it to a cage which is guard by various monsters.
  • AmidaAmidaHelp this little ladybug get to his objective going from branch to branch avoiding the spiders. Guide it clicking with the mouse.

  • Infinite Mario in html 5Infinite Mario in html 5Mario World in html 5 :)
  • CrepesCrepesIt is a usually week day, and you just arrived home from school. You are not so hungry, but you feel like eating something sweet. What could you cook for you and your family? Hmm..you can make some delicious crepes, with chocolate-hazel sauce and bananas! It sounds delicious!!! But let's see what do you need for this recipe: you need some milk, eggs, flour, vanilla essence and a little spoon of salt. Carefully mix them all together, and than leave the mixture at the room temperature for about twenty minutes. After than, turn on the stove, put the pen on it and add some oil. With a spoon, carefully put some of the mixture to make the crepes. After that, put them on a plate and add the bananas and the chocolate-hazel topping. Nicely arrange them on a different plate, and decorate them with some more chocolate sauce. Enjoy your crepes!
  • How To Make Crispy Seasoned FrenchfriesHow To Make Crispy Seasoned Frenchfries Follow the instructions to cook delicious french fries.