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  • Galli CricketGalli Cricket Create as much havoc as you can before everyone drives you out of town!! Help Chintu and his friends break all of the neighborhood's peace and silence!
  • Rally ExpertsRally ExpertsRally your way around the track against 4 other racers, do you think you can be the king of the rally track?
  • Defense Shot Figthing UniverseDefense Shot Figthing Universe Protect the Universe against evil space invaders.
  • Table Tennis ChampionshipTable Tennis Championship Get to be the best Ping Pong player by winning this tournament. Play four matches with different levels of difficulty. You can also improve your paddle or the ball.
  • Obama Versus ZombiesObama Versus ZombiesZombies are attacking the White House and Obama is left to fend for himself. Find weapons and survivors to fight your way through waves of zombies until someone comes to your rescue.

  • Space RoverSpace RoverYour space ship has crashed and you must meet the demands of your long term partner and therefore you must use the space truck to deliver the goods, you must deliver all of the coal pieces to the partner on time in order to progress to the next levels

  • GoosplosionGoosplosionCreate chain reactions as you fire your ball to touch the others. Upgrade to cause better explosions.
  • Robot Wants PuppyRobot Wants Puppy Robot got Kitty. Now he wants a puppy! He'll need Kitty's help to achieve his lofty aim.
  • Ancient Persia SolitaireAncient Persia SolitaireNew online solitaire with two different inside and picturesque graphics in Persian theme by Card-Board-Games.com The caravan with goods moves slowly across the terrible desert from one oasis to another. The travel is dangerous and difficult and you should play 5 solitaire games in each halt. There are 100 levels and two different types of solitaire: Tripeaks and Match2.
  • Monster MowdownMonster MowdownZombie blow up mayhem! Keep let those zombies put foot on your land and buy BIGGER guns to let them know. Hire buddies with big firepower to aid you and most of all, have fun fragging hoards of mindless zombie creatures.

  • 3D Mahjong3D MahjongRemove all pairs of tiles from the board.
  • Shaquita's BakeryShaquita's BakeryBake it fast, bake it right, and let them eat cake!
  • Mobil 1 Test DriverMobil 1 Test DriverRace against your favorite Formula One drivers in a showdown of racing skills!
  • californian-sushi-rollcalifornian-sushi-roll a kind of sushi roll, usually made inside-out, containing cucumber, imitation crab stick, and avocado. In some countries it is made with mango instead of avocado. Sometimes crab salad is substituted for the crab stick, and often the outer layer of rice (in an inside-out roll) is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds or tobiko.
  • Jungle DaveJungle Dave Help Mario find the key to his house and make his way to the top of
    the trees.
  • Lights OutLights Out Use your flashlight and find the given objects given on your screen.
  • Final DriveFinal Drive Nice graphics driving game
  • ContourContourTo complete each level, you must make the ball reach the goal.
  • Maze Game Game Play 21Maze Game Game Play 21 Guide the little fish to reach it's mother.
  • Harry Potter Marauders Map GameHarry Potter Marauders Map Game Guide Harry through the maze levels. collect blocks to restore the structures and gems to earn points. Walk over the cloak to become invisible. Get caught three times and the game is over.
  • Ice Cream ParlorIce Cream ParlorSoft serve ice cream in a self serve style! Help these hungry customers whip up their own custom, delicious ice cream treats complete with chocolaty syrup, marshmallow toppings, sprinkles, cherries and more.

  • Robot AdventureRobot AdventureShow those stealing alien bullies that you're the master of golden gear-finding glory!
  • Counter KillCounter Kill In Counter Kill, you must fight your way through 3 intense levels to find a stolen priceless relic! Shoot down waves of enemy soldiers and progress your way into the enemy fortress to regain possession of the golden cross
  • Party Cup cake decorParty Cup cake decorPlay Party cup cake decor game. Decor the cupcake for your party. Decor it as your wish and have a fun.
  • League of ChaosLeague of ChaosBuild units as they are auto sent off to the enemy base. Control your hero manually to help fight.
  • New Year 2012New Year 2012New Year 2012 is another point and click hidden object game from Games2rule. It's the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in New Year 2012 pictures. Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Avoid clicking wrongly as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration. Good luck and have fun!
  • Hexa PoolHexa PoolDifferent colored pool balls are falling from the top of the screen. To remove them, get 3 or more of the same colored pool balls in a row vertically or diagonally.
  • Roadhunter GTRoadhunter GTRob a mob bank and soon every gun in the city is going to be aimed at you!
  • Classic Christmas Match 2Classic Christmas Match 2Classic Christmas Match 2 is a fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • Hot Love 5 DifferencesHot Love 5 DifferencesFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • 300 Miles to Pigsland300 Miles to PigslandAs your pig auto runs, jump holes, bear traps, wolves, & more. Distance-like game with upgrades.
  • Cobra CityCobra City When stickmen get helicopters, stick assassins start wetting their pants. Deliver stick death from above, with your increasingly powerful black bird!
  • Day of the BobtedsDay of the BobtedsPlace your ball in the right position and destroy all the bobteds!
  • ColliderixColliderix Click on wooden objects to make them disappear and join similar colored shapes together.
  • Rock-It RacerRock-It RacerIt's almost gig time—you're going to have to race to put these songs back together!
  • Action DrivingAction DrivingSkid and swerve your way to the Eiffel Tower in a tricked-out ride.

    Dodge obstacles and collect bags of money as you head down the highway. After 5 collisions, it's game over.

  • Raptor RampageRaptor RampageIn this simple dinosaur game you're a raptor and need to collect the eggs and jump from cliff to cliff. Avoid the red eggs.
  • Butterfly Fields GameButterfly Fields Game Help the butterfly to fly for as far as you can while dodging obstacles along the way.
  • Burger EaterBurger EaterNice platform game about a man, who has to eat burgers to pass levels. And he will eventually become very fat.

  • Knight: Orc AssaultKnight: Orc AssaultAs a brave Knight, it is up to you to repel 50 waves of orcs, ogres and other terrors from the fort. Fight them off at the barricades, or engage them toe to toe inside the castle. Build buildings to fortify your position, unlock new equipment, or create friendly soldier training options. Equip yourself with awesome weapons, thick armour and sturdy shields. Specialise your play style by using skills earned through gaining levels and killing the invaders. Don't fight alone! Train friendly soldiers to stand by your side as you defend the fort. With dozens of skill, soldier, and equipment options to try there is almost unlimited replayability!
  • Own Goal World CupOwn Goal World Cup Choose your team and your game strategy and lead your little guys to win the game.
  • Paper TossPaper TossPaper Toss is a simple but addictive Flash game where you have to catch a scrunched up piece of paper and try to fling it in the bin.
  • N GameN Game Your god-like speed, dexterity, jumping power, and reflexes are all the result of an amazingly fast metabolism; sadly, so is your natural lifetime of 1.5 minutes. Like all ninjas, you have an unquenchable thirst for gold, a natural propensity for exploring rooms infested by increasingly lethal ninja-killing robots, and a devout belief in N. Collecting golds makes you happy and that adds 2 seconds to your lifespan.

    N, "the way of the ninja", is a highly advanced system of spiritual, cognitive, and physical training. It emphasizes pacifism, humility, and the need to traverse a series of 5 rooms before the end of your lifetime; a feat known only as "beating an episode"

    In accordance with the teachings of N, it is your profound hope that one day you will develop the skill, intelligence, and inexplicable ability to reincarnate necessary ti achieve mastery of all 30 episodes.
  • Crusher TankCrusher Tank Drive your crusher tank and crush everything along the way.