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  • Hairstyle Make OverHairstyle Make OverChoose a model and make him and your boyfriend alike.
  • Rainbow SaladRainbow SaladNot all salads need to be full of leafy greens! Fill this salad bowl with the sweet taste of sugary syrup, fruits, and frozen yogurt! If you're overloaded with sweetness, make yourself a little chocolaty drink on the side to balance out all of that fruitiness. Everything's better with chocolate!
  • Volcano Flight ControlVolcano Flight ControlEyjafjallajokul is at it again, but no one's grounding your plane!
  • James ReplayJames Replay Create frozen copies of yourself by pressing the replay button. Use frozen copies to reach the exit.
  • Best Holidays 5 DifferencesBest Holidays 5 DifferencesFind the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
  • AbductroidsAbductroidsPilot your ship, chain explosions together and save the humans!

  • Buttons UpButtons Up Collecting Buttons Try to collect all the buttons within the time limit.
  • Tripeaks ManiaTripeaks ManiaStack cards on a pile that are 1 away from the card pile.
  • How to Make Roast Chicken with Herb StuffingHow to Make Roast Chicken with Herb StuffingWhen it comes to a Sunday lunch or special dinner, it's hard to beat roast chicken. This one, with gravy and a fragrant fresh herb stuffing, is simply the best.

  • Freggie HeadsFreggie Heads Create a Freggie Head.
  • Petrol RushPetrol Rush Your goal is to assemble all the pipe pieces correctly, as in a way to connect all the petrol banks and the cars which are at opposite ends. Connect within the time limit and enjoy the level.
  • Small Spring Break PartySmall Spring Break PartyGet ready for the spring break party.

  • Spy One BSpy One BControl when your spy jumps. Jump through the platformer levels & grab all the suitcases.
  • Cherry GirlCherry GirlReal girls eat fruit, not chocolate or candies. This girl's favorite fruit are cherries and today she is going to celebrate her cherry mania, so she is going to wear a T-shirt or some accessories related to this delicious fruit. Take a look at her cute clothes and accessories and dress her up. Choose some nice, bright colors that would be perfect for a beautiful spring day.
  • Photo Mess - PokemonPhoto Mess - PokemonArrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image.

  • Killstreak 2Killstreak 2 Kill the waves of enemies as you unlock new weapons in this top-down shooter.
  • Batman Mystery of BatwomanBatman Mystery of Batwoman Fight your way through the penguin and save Batwoman before it's too late.
  • Death Junior II The Root of EvilDeath Junior II The Root of Evil The TP will bounce around and destroy monsters. Score by killing enemies in 3 rounds. Press the Map button below if you need help figuring out where you need to shoot.
  • Feel Romantic Dress UpFeel Romantic Dress Up Feel Romantic Dressup lets you dress a pretty girl in cute outfits so she can spend a beautiful night on a cruise ship. Have fun and print your results. it\’s easy!
  • The Restaurant ManagerThe Restaurant ManagerAfter 4 years of hard studying, you become the manager of this Restaurant; you are the one to manage this special dinner place!
  • Ninja Bike StuntsNinja Bike StuntsFear can kill you, so hold your breath! Get ready for a thrilling adventure ride. Perform thrilling stunts on your bike with perfect balance and control your stunts till end of the ride. You got so many surprises to thrash your bike. Get ready for stunts!
  • Megan Fox Celebrity MakeoverMegan Fox Celebrity MakeoverIn this 143dressup game, our animated Megan Fox had to attend so many Christmas parties this season. If she has run out of all her all her makeover ideas, would you like to help her with some new makeup combinations?
  • Curse Village ReawakeningCurse Village Reawakening More gore, more guns, more zombies and never ending murder! In the sequel to Curse Village, you are again asked to defend yourself from an evil army of undead. Set traps, secure strong holds, rescue survivors and cut through waves of cannibalistic corpses with an array of blades, guns and bombs. Do you have the guts to make a last stand?
  • Bounce SquaredBounce Squared Release the balls and then create blocks to ricochet them to all the orange squares.
  • Zodiac MasterZodiac MasterYour future is in the stars; you simply have to follow the signs. Swap tiles to get three of the same zodiac sign in a horizontal or vertical line.
  • PurrspectivePurrspectiveGrab coins as a cat as you change the perspective of the map to grab all the coins. Don't fall off!

  • Slice Fortress DefenseSlice Fortress DefenseFight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls.

  • Dogs RevengeDogs Revenge In the first level,make the dogs to kiss each other when its owners doesn't notice them. In the next level,make the owners to kiss each other when their dogs doesn't notice them. If noticed, the dogs will take revenge of them.
  • Sue Memory GameSue Memory GameWant to see Sue's real life photos? Come over! Behind every image there's a photo of Sue, come to find her secret!
  • Personal MysteryPersonal MysteryHelp Craig and Lily unravel some mysteries and put a personal touch on their P.I. biz!
  • Crashing CarCrashing Car Drive your car on the track and keep crashing the other cars. If you miss to crash a car then the life of your car will keep reducing. Only crash the cars and avoid hitting the other objects. A level indicator will indicate the four levels of this game and for each level the speed increases. The speedo meter will indicate the speed of your car.
  • Brittany Birt Babysitting RoomBrittany Birt Babysitting Room Help Brittany Birt to take care of little kids. You need to give different items to kids depending on what they want.
  • Bunny Ice-Cream MakerBunny Ice-Cream Maker Invent the bestest ice-cream combo ever made, then feed it to the little bunny for a taste test!
  • Close Quarter CombatClose Quarter CombatHelp CQC to blow up the entire place to undo all damage.

  • Frescoz Frescoz Frescoz! is a new version of your favorite puzzle game Glassez! Complete pictures of 12 zodiacal signs on different levels to pass this puzzle game! Feel yourself an artist - create your own levels! Become a real puzzle expert with new game Frescoz!Game Controls:Your task is to make a stained-glass picture of variously shaped glass pieces. Rotate the pieces of different form and color by clicking on them and put in to the appropriate part of the pattern. Feel yourself an artist!
  • Spirit GuideSpirit Guide Trapped inside a haunted house, hundreds of lonely souls are doomed to spend their afterlife wandering this forsaken place for all eternity.

    It is up to you to lead these wandering souls away from this desolate place. They\’ll have to brave many dangers along the way, so they will follow your commands blindly to reach the end of the level.

    Get as much of the lost souls to the end of each level as you can.
  • New Super Mario World 2New Super Mario World 2Not that super but a new Mario World game is what we have here! Jump and run and collect the coins in this little platform game.

  • Winter StylesWinter Styles Winter will be here before you know it! So pick up some fashions now, before it's too late!
  • Graveyard MadnessGraveyard MadnessDefend your self from grave robbers with a selection big weapons with loads of quick levels and many enemies attacking you from different angels.

  • Mario Defend PeachMario Defend PeachMario is finally retired and has a happy life with Peach. They are just married in peach's big castle. But than Mario's old life is chasing him. He takes a Deagle from Wario and start defending peach. Mario will finish this for once and for all. Are you able to defeat Bowser and his fighters for the last time?

  • Unnatural History - Edge Of DangerUnnatural History - Edge Of DangerRace and battle your way past the bad guys using Henry's unstoppable skills.

  • Rip Roarin RodentRip Roarin Rodent Throw Pip as far as possible. Score points by making Pip bounce off everything in the farm!
  • GlueyGluey You have to join same cluster and remove colored stuff again in this puzzle game, but this time you've to deal with blobs!
  • Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme(1994)Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme(1994)In Winter Extreme, the player can partake in a series of skiing and snowboarding events including the Downhill where the player speeds down a course in order to finish the course as fast as possible in an allotted time by speeding through checkpoints. The Slalom has the same set-up where the player has to finish the course in an allotted time by passing through gates, but also has to contend with twists, turns and various other obstacles in the players path. The Giant Slalom is similar except for more obstacles and a longer path.