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  • Avoid & Kill!Avoid & Kill!Avoid & Kill is a simple mouse only game requiring simple strategic insight and a steady hand.Pickup the score bubbles but avoid the enemies that appear! When the Bonus bubble appears pick it up and try to kill as many enemies before the timer runs out!
  • Stylin Stuff PedicureStylin Stuff Pedicure Paint toe nails, choose jewelry and sandals and see the effect!
  • Fratboy House WarsFratboy House Wars Adjust your angle and power to attack the other frat out. Can you take down all their players?
  • Abbattis PizzaAbbattis Pizza Create different kinds of pizza and stop the pest trying to get a bite to your pizza.
  • The Red Guy GameThe Red Guy Game Live life as the red guy.
  • Powerpuff Girls ZombgonePowerpuff Girls Zombgone Shoot magic elements, watch out for magic bags and stop zombies by clicking on objects!
  • Dadadadungeon 2Dadadadungeon 2 Explore the maze as you pick up and equip weapons and shields. Use potions to stay alive.
  • Escape Pharaohs TombEscape Pharaohs TombYou find yourself lost in an ancient pharaoh's tomb, try to escape before the air runs out.
  • HT83 outfit new for the dayHT83 outfit new for the dayHelp this Life with Derek star choose an outfit for her upcoming audition , every day can be your in a different way! ...
  • Sick Bay EscapeSick Bay EscapeSick Bay Escape is new point and click type escape game created by games2rule. In sick bay hospital a part time nurse is trapped unfortunately. There is no one to help her. Help the nurse to escape from the sick bay hospital by finding useful hints and objects. Have a great fun play.
  • Mater Al RescateMater Al Rescate Pick your angle and power to throw the tow line to the stuck car just right.
  • Monkeys TowerMonkeys Tower Undo the damage done to the pristine Monkenyan rain forest by successfully stacking fruit tins and outwitting your opponent. Sturdy fruit towers will encourage the growth of trees and allow the apes of Monkenya to return to their idyllic way of life. It's up to you to save the jungle, so warm up your brain and get stacking!
  • Police Investigation EscapePolice Investigation EscapeYou are a policeman, you must let the clues escape in the game, so you can find the crimes that the villan has done so you can have them arrested.
  • Back at the Barnyard Rip Roarin RodentBack at the Barnyard Rip Roarin Rodent Click on the chopper and throw Pip as far as possible! Score points by making Pip bounce off everything in the farm!
  • Pair Mania - Cartoon Creatures 2Pair Mania - Cartoon Creatures 2Match up the paired creature cards in the least amount of attempts possible.
  • TimemuTimemuSplice yourself and use your previous self to help your future self in time controlling puzzles.

  • Imperfect BalanceImperfect Balance Stack the shapes, but then get them to all fall off the screen.
  • Traffic Madness WaterwaysTraffic Madness WaterwaysManage the vehicles on the road, and the boats on the water. Lift and lower bridges, and more.

  • Box10 RampageBox10 RampageEvil robots are on the rampage! Hand out some justice!
  • Luigis MansionLuigis Mansion Save Mario from the ghost.
  • Baseball ChampionshipBaseball Championship Help Mickey's team to win!
  • Princess Bubble FunPrincess Bubble FunThe Royal princess want to get a new dress. But she have to challenge the bubble match.

  • Medieval JoustingMedieval JoustingJousting takes speed, accuracy...and, most of all, timing.
  • Jetpack MissionJetpack Mission Strap yourself in and get ready to launch. Propel trough the levels, using your airbrakes when necessary to make a safe landing.
  • WindfallWindfall Tycoonery at its best, people! Spend money wisely to develop your earth-friendly power grid. Succeed, grow, and clean up!
  • Fruit PursuitFruit Pursuit Make the old man to grab fruits by using his special equipment. Try to avoid other stuffs in each level, grab the required number of fruits within given time duration.
  • Tetris & Dr. Mario(1994)Tetris & Dr. Mario(1994)Two of the most popular puzzle games return, but now together in an exclusive compilation for SNES. The games have a slight graphical update when compared with the original Game Boy and NES games, but the gameplay remains totally faithful to the games released for both platforms.
  • Dora Online ColoringDora Online ColoringPaint your Dora Online Coloring Page with your favorite colors.

  • Flower PocketFlower PocketCatch the flowers by moving the basket. Catch the flower appropriately by changing the flower color of the basket. to change the flower color, click on the flowers in the basket. If you fail to catch the flower, you will miss one life. Wrong flower selection will reduce your score. Score more and go for shopping.

  • Epic DefenderEpic DefenderEradicate the enemy to become king of the hill!
  • Pumpkins And FriendsPumpkins And FriendsEach one of the four characters is decorating his or her personal space, wearing a super cool Halloween outfit as well. Help them prepare every little decoration detail for the big event and see them all in their special rooms. Mina is in the pumpkin kitchen, Lisa in the spooky garden, Sisi in his weird room and Toto in his cozy one. And they are all preparing and asking for your help to decorate along with them. So jump in, join the fun, and have a Happy Halloween!

  • Kiss My GlassKiss My GlassSpread the dangerous deliciousness of Shards O\\’ Glass freeze pops in the addictive new game from truth. Remember, aim for the mouth!

  • Blackjack GoldBlackjack GoldChoose your bet, deal, and see if you need to hit or stand to win.
  • Easter CakeEaster Cake Jenny is preparing an Easter dinner party for her family. Some dishes are already finished but she is a little confused to make some Hot Cross Buns - the most important one in this holiday. Are you willing to help her? Go ahead and enjoy!
  • Koala PlayKoala Play Help the koala to jump over all the stones and make the stones sink, and also prevent the koala from falling in the water.But remember you've got to come back to the starting position again.The darker stones indicates that you can jump over them twice or thrice.Go through all the levels and have fun...!!
  • Fluffy\’s Kitchen AdventureFluffy\’s Kitchen AdventureCuriosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

    Get Fluffy to the door at the other side of the kitchen to win: click the die to move, and complete mini-games along the way!

    Tip: If you get stuck on a mini-game, you can close it by clicking the X in the top-right corner.

  • Jurassic Baby CareJurassic Baby CareA very cute babysitting game. Take care of the dinosaur babies.
  • Toy Story Woody to the RescueToy Story Woody to the Rescue Help Woody swing over to Bo Peep's window to save her and win her heart.
  • Mad Shapes 2Mad Shapes 2Are you ready for some mad shape and color puzzle? Play Mad Shape 2 game online and complete each level by dropping limited colored shapes to collect its own similar color shapes. Solve the right position, shapes and color to win.
  • Party Cup cake decorParty Cup cake decorPlay Party cup cake decor game. Decor the cupcake for your party. Decor it as your wish and have a fun.
  • Whack a BossWhack a BossWhack your boss's head as many and fast as you can!

  • Pretty Little BridePretty Little BrideIt is a sunny day. Alma will be the most beautiful bride. Look at her, so cute! Now, come to dress her up. Select a stylish hairstyle, wear a beautiful dress and bridal veil, and then make up. Wow, a cute and pretty bride is born. Haha, come here to have a competition!
  • Eggs BenedictEggs BenedictWelcome to Saras Cooking Classes. Today Sara will be teaching you how to make a delicious "Eggs Benedict". Follow Saras directions to make a delicious Eggs Benedict. You will get bonus points on early completion.
  • I'll Blow your Brains OutI'll Blow your Brains OutShoot all the coming stickmen, you can get on a turret or swing bats and swords.