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  • HT83 Gentle pring dress upHT83 Gentle pring dress upSpring is when gentle maids dress up for shining.
  • Freddy's Fishing FunFreddy's Fishing FunHelp Freddy to catch some fish! Move your mouse left or right to move Freddy to where you want to drop the fishing line.
  • Cereus PeashyCereus Peashy Atmospheric platform action game. Jump upon your enemies to floor them!
  • MorbidMorbidThe Black Death stalks the land—but is it a plague, or something more sinister??
  • Panda CircusPanda Circus Help the little panda grab all the hanging stars in the circus, jumping off a trampoline.
  • Taz ManTaz Man Help him gobble up much foods as he can. Watch out! Bugs, daffy and porky are on your tail!
  • Kitchen 3d DecorationKitchen 3d DecorationIn this lively kitchen, change the color and design of each item to make the perfect scene for a nice lunch or even dinner. Change the view to better see your selections and combine and decorate them as you like, for a unique kitchen of your taste.
  • Billiards DriftBilliards DriftBilliards Drift. It is a cool combination between a billiard game and a car drifting game. Is very challenging to put all the balls in the pocket using a small car which drifts a lot. You have a lot of achievements during the game and is not enough only to put the balls into the pocket.
  • How To Make Cotton CandyHow To Make Cotton CandyA form of spun sugar. Since it is mostly air, servings are large. Cotton candy is often served at fairgrounds or circuses. Food coloring is used to change the natural white color.

  • Kids Garden Room Hidden AlphabetsKids Garden Room Hidden AlphabetsFind the hidden Alphabets in the Kids Garden room using your observing skills.
  • Gillette RevolutionGillette RevolutionThe popular italian comedians ‘Trio Medusa\’ have turned into zombies! If you love games like Guitar Hero, help them to recover their human appearance.
  • Fortress Guardian 2: Th...Fortress Guardian 2: Th...Double the enemies, twice the adventure and two headed monsters everywhere! In the sequel to the epic 'Fortress Guardian' you'll face off against werewolves, ogres, flying ghouls and more! Use gold to upgrade your armory and strike back with Fire and Ice arrows or a Mighty Darkness Axe and let not these demons take your castle.
  • Frantic Farm SolitaireFrantic Farm SolitaireClear the board by creating groups of cards that sum up to 11. Keep an eye on the clock to maximize the score and always plan one or two moves ahead!
  • Christmas BubbleJamChristmas BubbleJamEnjoy this greeting-card bubble shooting game, made to bring some holiday spirit. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  • My Sweet Dog 2My Sweet Dog 2Buddy is a little puppy you have to take good care of him. Make sure that all the basic needs are green.

  • Froggy FeastFroggy FeastFroggy Feast is a unique match puzzle game that lets you perform a multitude of combinations to earn points. Click two-colored orbs to change their color and create matches from 3 orbs up to 9! See how many different matches you can create!Simply click a two-colored orb on either side to choose what color you want it to be. Try and connect at least 3 like-colored orbs to earn points.
  • Tecmo Super BowlTecmo Super BowlTecmo returns to the gridiron with this new version of Tecmo Super Bowl for 16-bit console systems. Play with real National Football League players and teams in this 2D, side-scrolling arcade game. All of the features from the 8-bit game remain intact, with brand new ones added for even more electronic football fun!
  • Hot Love 5 DifferencesHot Love 5 DifferencesFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • Sara\\\\\\’s Cooking Class: T...Sara\\\\\\’s Cooking Class: T...Olé—it's fiesta time!
  • School LockersSchool LockersDecorate the interior of your school locker with lights, mirrors, bags, umbrella and many more items. Write notes or short messages on the white board!
  • Line-UpLine-UpClick on tiles to create a row of 5 monkeys before the row of 5 bananas!
  • Gem's HomeGem's HomeMatch two or more Gems can be clear. Clean a gem can get 1 point. If you are in a specified period of time continuously eliminating 12 gems. The fire will be display.in fire state , Clear a gem will get 2 points. Match two or more Gems can be clear. Clean a gem can get 1 point. If you are in a specified period of time continuously eliminating 12 gems. The fire will be display.in fire state , Clear a gem will get 2 points. When you have collected 3 Red-Star ,Will be cleared around 9 stones. And you can earn 27 points.If state in a fire , then you can earn 54 points.
  • King of DriftKing of DriftAre you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??
  • N G UN G U Never give up in front of the enemy.
  • Cover Girl MakeoverCover Girl MakeoverJudy the famous movie star is going to appear as cover girl on the new edition of Color Girl Magazine! So exciting! Now you've got the chance to give her a dramatic makeover. Make sure she looks gorgous and totally diva! Have fun!
  • Miley Cyrus Dress Up GameMiley Cyrus Dress Up GameCreate your own fashion style based on Miley look.

  • Moodys Magical EyeMoodys Magical Eye This game is based on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie. You are invisible, but Mad-Eye Moody still can discover you if he points his magical eye on you. His creatures can discover you too, so what you need to do is to collect various objects and avoid meeting the magical eyes and all kinds of creatures.
  • Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (1992)Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (1992)Real players. Real moves. Real NBA action. The complete 1993 NBA playoffs. All 16 teams, plus the East and West All Stars. Everything from fast breaks to alley-oops. Even current game stats. It's showtime.
  • Retro PairsRetro PairsA fun paired cards game. match up the picture pairs together in the least amount of guesses possible to gain the top score.
  • House Bound Genie in the HouseHouse Bound Genie in the House Use cursor keys to walk around. Avoid touching anything that moves. Pick up any items that you can find to score points. Collect the six pieces of each chore, then return to the lounge to complete your task.
  • SnowboardingSnowboarding You are a snowboarding gecko,
    running down a slalom slope. A cool flash game
    for all the snowboarders out there.
  • Hidden Objects - Snow WhiteHidden Objects - Snow WhiteUse your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in the Snow White image.

  • Death CrystalDeath Crystal Remove all the Crystal on the screen matches the color of the ball.
  • Super Penguin DashSuper Penguin Dash Penguin Dash is a game of skill and reflexes set in the Antarctic. Play as one of three species of penguin and run, jump and slide your way down the frozen river. Pick up fish to boost your speed and avoid fisherman and holes in the ice. The further you pilot your penguin pal, the higher your score.
  • Graphics Are EverythingGraphics Are Everything Click and drag the ball to make it bounce. Use the instructions to get the idea to play.
  • Famous PopstarFamous PopstarHave you ever dreamed to be a famous popstar and giving a show to your crazy fans? How would you be dressed? Of course, you must have an impeccable look! Make your choice amongst different type of , boots, hair style and so on!
  • Prehistoric ArcherPrehistoric ArcherWho is faster the bubble or the caveman? To get a proper answer to this prehistoric question you have to play this physic-driven bow shooting game.

  • Smurf DinnerSmurf DinnerI think that almost all kids have heard of Smurfs Restaurant where is the best food in the town and who is the fastest serving by all restaurants. You have to help the Smurf waiter to serve all customers in a short time and collect more money to go to the next level. With the money you earn you can buy various upgrades that will help you to serve clients in more difficult levels more quickly.
  • Icy Heart 5 DifferencesIcy Heart 5 DifferencesFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.
  • Smiley FruitsSmiley Fruits Your goal is to fill the juice jar by blowing up 3 or more of the same fruits which keeps coming down.The more fruits you blow up at one shot , the more points you gain. The Fruits will get down at regular time intervals. Before it can reach the deadline, fill the juice jar to get on to the succeeding levels.
  • Fishy FeastFishy FeastFeast yourself on some delicious custom made and garnished Sea Food. Take your pick of different kinds of fish, sauce garnish's and sides then complete the meal with shrimp, octopus, lobster and yummy fresh vegetables.

  • High SmilingHigh SmilingThis small is star-powered and bound for the heavens!
  • Smiley TracerSmiley TracerComplete the shapes by drawing lines .Click on one of the smiley and draw line from one smiley point to another. Your game come to an end if you make the shapes gets closed without completing the full shapes, which means that you cannot continue further. Complete each level within the time duration and move on to next.
  • Emma's Recipes: Apple C...Emma's Recipes: Apple C...It's a surprising combo, but Emma knows her flavors!