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  • Fortunate Mother Dress UpFortunate Mother Dress Up Dressup this pretty expecting girl in trendy outfits such as cool coats, sexy dresses and more. Have fun and print your results... it's easy!
  • WitcheryWitchery Swap adjacent tiles to create combos of three or more of the same color.
  • Liferaft - ZeroLiferaft - ZeroMove through the pixelated levels as you avoid spikes to ring the bell. Use grapple to reach areas.

  • Lovely DuckLovely DuckDress this cute little baby duck in various fun outfits. Easily print and share with friends.
  • Fun Mice TowerFun Mice Tower Try to be the first to build a sturdy tower of cheese. Place the numbers in descending order with the lowest number at the top.
  • Elgi Epic RunawayElgi Epic RunawayHelp Elgi to run and jump of the gaps in order to stay alive. The objective of this game is to escape from a hungry dinosaur. Run around the world to stay alive, keep jumping and collecting the coins.
  • Word Search Gameplay 45Word Search Gameplay 45 Find all currencies given on the right side of your screen.
  • Help Papa RobHelp Papa RobSomeone's been meddling with Papa Rob's amazing inventions, and now they're all in pieces!
  • Little LifeLittle LifeKichu has a problem. He is smaller than everyone else. He needs your help through 30 levels. This game is auto-saved.
  • Ransacking RoomsRansacking RoomsRansacking rooms
    There's such a lot of items to be found in this game! When you ransack the first room, there are 10 items to be found, in the second room you can find 15 of them and in the third room, there are 20 hidden items. If you click on the right item, you'll win 10 points, but if you're wrong, you'll los...
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    There's such a lot of items to be found in this game! When you ransack the first room, there are 10 items to be found, in the second room you can find 15 of them and in the third room, there are 20 hidden items. If you click on the right item, you'll win 10 points, but if you're wrong, you'll lose 10 points. In each level you can use 3 hints, but each of them will cost you 10 points. Per level you can only make 3 mistakes: when you make the fourth mistake, you'll have to start all over again.

  • Hell Bound HoundHell Bound Hound The cowardly dog is heading down. Guide him from platform to platform, dodge the ghouls and avoid falling in to the fiery pits below.
  • Get a GripGet a Grip It's time to take your skills with the 'cyber stoppie' game which will test your keyboard coordination to the limit. Get ready to press 'down' arrow after the orange arrow marker & as close to the white board as possible. As you take off, use your 'left' & 'right' keys to shift your weight and balance. The greater the distance you cover & the longer you hold the stoppie all go towards your score.
  • How to Make Chicken SticksHow to Make Chicken Sticks Cornflakes provide the crunch for these kid-friendly chicken skewers.
  • Alien CrashAlien CrashThis gutsy extraterrestrial can't phone home...but with your help, he can find his UFO.
  • Bond The FruitsBond The FruitsMove around the fruits on the screen to touch and select the one your mouse indicates. Use your skills to be sleek and move with delicacy and tenacity. be the master of this fruity game and prove you can resist any crowded challenge. oranges, apples, kiwis, strawberries and all sorts of yummy fruits will request for you to bond them together in specific bunches, so they can let you go to the next level and enjoy more and more fruits!

  • MoleculaMolecula Unfortunately, electromagnetic charges and the Strong Force are hard to make into games. So we're doing Chemistry with Physics! Get your atoms into the beaker to make charming molecules.
  • Castle HeroCastle HeroIn the action game Castle Hero you have to defend your castle against hordes of enemy's throwing rocks, shooting arrows or use a gun. There are 4 big bosses to defeat. Castle Hero is a sequel to Age of Defense.

  • Decorating Room GameDecorating Room GameFind the hidden objects in the drawing room using your observing skills.
  • The Several Journeys of Reemus 1The Several Journeys of Reemus 1Here it is, another chapter in the ongoing saga of Reemus & Liam. Picking up where the prologue left off, Reemus & Liam journey to meet the King, but things don't go as smoothly as planned...
  • Sweet Tooth's DreamingSweet Tooth's DreamingMake your day dreams of rainbow frosting, fruit topping and chocolate hearts come true with this triple decker candy extravaganza. Pick out a one of a kind cute as a button cake topper and you're ready to dig into a delicious dream cake.

  • Letter From CastleLetter From CastleThree addictive puzzle games in one. Nicole comes to the castle after her father's death and she should solve some enigmas. Help Nicole to reveal old secrets.
  • Bear FishingBear Fishing Help the bear to feed its baby bear by shooting at the ice cubes and releasing the fishes that are at frozen state.Remember that you have only limited fire balls. Use those fire balls wisely to go through higher levels. The springs and the ice paths will help you complete certain levels.
  • Away Balsam Pear FaceAway Balsam Pear FaceClick on the little yellow square will be large,Let black ball rolling out maps border
  • Make over 7Make over 7 This girl will occupy your mind while you dress her up because of her charm and beauty. Have fun!
  • CopyCat Jack GameCopyCat Jack GameCan you repeat the colors in order? In Copycat Jack you have to repeat the colors in the same order as the game. Game also uses animal sounds to reinforce memory.
  • Barbie MemozBarbie MemozFind matching pairs of cards!

  • Kill CRAZY JAYKill CRAZY JAY kill Crazy Jay the Ninja any way possible. This is a choose a death game.
  • Presidentielle 2007Presidentielle 2007 Pick your bet and see who will win the race.
  • Catastrophic ConstructionCatastrophic Construction Try to stack all the shape creatures into the outlines area to continue to the next level. Its up to you how you make them all fit, as long as they are all in the drop zone. Levels get more difficult later on.
  • Tail AngerTail Anger In this game you're a squirrel called Tail who has eaten a hallucinogenic mushroom and is now in a world of hallucinations. You need to fight some weird spirit and his army of weird creatures.
  • Diner ChefDiner ChefStart your diner restaurant and cook delicious cuisines for your customers.

  • Millie Megavolte 5 Millie and the Psycho BomberMillie Megavolte 5 Millie and the Psycho Bomber Millie and the Psycho Bomber is the 5th part of the platform action game series 'Millie Megavolte'.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants SnowpantsSponge Bob Square Pants Snowpants Push the snowball around in as much snow as possible to make some snowbobs..
  • SupermaxSupermaxGet the keys and get out of each room.You must avoid contact with the guards at all cost. They can not see you if they do not look in your direction.

  • Johnny Bravo Flapjack FlipoutJohnny Bravo Flapjack Flipout Help Johny catch the flapjacks so pops can fill the orders! Avoid those falling pans!
  • Skidoo TTSkidoo TT Choose to race all tracks in Arcade Mode or track at a time in practice
    then get around the tracks as quick as you can to past your best time on the highsores.
  • Easy A Find The AlphabetsEasy A Find The AlphabetsAnalyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets.
  • Cat SalonCat SalonIf you love cats, this animals game is really something perfect for you! Make the cats as beautiful as possible. You can decide yourself how your cat will look in the 'free model' part of the game. You can even create a cat with elf wings! In the 'challenge' part, you copy the cats you see in the example. At the end of the game, you can also make a picture of your feline creations, that's nice for your photo album!

  • The TuttlesThe TuttlesTravel through trap-ridden landscapes with the members of the Tuttle Family on their collecting adventure! Collect all objects you can while avoiding obstacles and dangerous objects. When you have collected the main objects of each level, head to the exit.

  • Fighter PrincessFighter Princess This fighter princess is getting ready for a major battle. She is positive that she is going to win and she wants to look stunning on this glorious day. Dress her up and help her look her best.
  • Spuddys Reel DealSpuddys Reel Deal Play as an inexperienced employee of the cinema. Your job is to find and setup reels, but there are fun obstacles along the way.
  • Battle of CakesBattle of Cakes Shoot all monsters that pops out on your screen. Avoid not to hit people.
  • Comschool ArrowComschool Arrow Aim the bullseye to get the perfect 100 pts.
  • Cafe Swap PuzzleCafe Swap PuzzleSwap the objects to bring a line of 3 or more identical objects. In every level reach the target before time ends to swap objects in tougher levels. If you feel it hard to swap use hint option to know the swappable objects but using the hint option once will reduce 50 points from your score.