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  • Happy DropsHappy DropsTurn this fallen angel's frown upside down. Help him get his wings back! Shoot stars and flowers with drops of water to help this little angel get his wings back. Use as few drops as possible to score the maximum number of points and pass each level.
  • Last TouchdownLast TouchdownKenny is late for the big game. Help him in his race to get there by avoiding objects and beating down any bullies that get in his way!
  • Mini Dirt BikeMini Dirt BikeRide your mini dirt bike through all challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all of the levels without crashing your minimoto.

  • Hit the MonkeyHit the MonkeyWatch wind direction, adjust power, throw your stone and try to hit the monkey!
  • Mole RevengeMole RevengeThis mole's ready to mosey on into a dangerous new adventure!
  • Total DriftTotal DriftDrift your way through 4 intense levels and score as many points as you can. Remember, this race is not about making good time, it's about making great drifts. Total Drift puts you behind the wheel of different types of cars and your goal is to make the minimum number of drifting points in the 4 laps of each level. The red and yellow areas give bonus points but are also harder to drift into. So get the accelerator to the floor and hone your drifting skills in Total Drift.

  • Soccer Set Piece SuperstarSoccer Set Piece SuperstarAdded: 15-Jun-10
    Played: 119 times
    Source: Mouse Breaker

    This is not a real time soccer simulation game, but rather a puzzle game that deals with soccer players. You have a set of players that shoot the ball in a certain direction after receiving it. You need to place these players on the field the way the first one will be on the ball and the last one will shoot it to the goal avoiding the goalkeeper.

  • Mani GolfMani GolfFun-to-play golf game! Try to play all the levels!
  • Casual SeksirukCasual Seksiruk the more casual she dress the prettier she gets.
  • Metal TankMetal TankAssault enemy aircrafts and ground vehicles while dodging and shooting down incoming bombs. After each level, use your points to purchase upgrades in the armory. If you're in a sticky situation and have a nuke (radiation icon in the upper-left corner), use it to clear the entire screen.The white chopper is a friendly aircraft that will drop special supplies, so pick them up. You'll be issued 3 tanks—once you run out it's game over.
  • Black JackBlack Jack Place your bet and ask the dealer to play
  • Bird BiteBird BiteIit\\\\\\’s a bird eat bird world. Can you stop this cannibalistic blue bird species from extinction? Instructions Place scarecrows to protect the eggs and little birds form the big bird

  • Raccoon CrashRaccoon CrashAre these critters rabid? Judging by the way they drive their bumper cars, you'd think so!
  • Sweet Cakes CookingSweet Cakes Cooking You have a recipe of the delicious chocolate cakes, follow it, add necessary ingredients into the bowl (there are hints), blend and oven, cook the icing and decorate. Bon appetit!
  • Cindy the Hairstylist 2Cindy the Hairstylist 2Cindy the sassy stylist is back, cutting and clipping her way to heavenly hair!
  • Shop N Dress Basket Ball Game Spring Rain DressShop N Dress Basket Ball Game Spring Rain Dress Make some buckets and get dress up. All in one game.
  • Girl in Coffee Shop Dress UpGirl in Coffee Shop Dress Up This girl is waiting for her best friend in their favorite coffee shop. They are going to meet here for a girl's chat. She can't wait to tell her about her new boyfriend! She is very happy and wants to share this with her best friend. She also wants to look great today because, after the girl's coffee she is going to meet this boy that won her heart. So, create her a trendy chick look that would be admired by everyone! Choose the perfect outfit for her and some nice accessories. Make her up and change her hairstyle and color for a brand new stylish look!
  • Festival Sneak InFestival Sneak In Avoid getting caught by trying to slip out of the stadium unnoticed.
  • Pogo JumperPogo JumperUpgrade your robot as you keep furthering your distance. Click jetpacks & use space to activate.
  • After Years In Dark TunnelsAfter Years In Dark TunnelsYour spaceship has crash-landed on an alien world, and your crew is missing. Can you find your crew and escape? Will you?

  • Jump n FreezeJump n Freeze Set the power of your jump and land on the red flag.
  • pet-caring-gamepet-caring-game This adorable adoption center needs your help taking care of cute kitties and puppies. Feed them, play with them and pet them when they need love. Take out their litter and keep them safe, happy and healthy.
  • Timon and Pumbaas Grub RidinTimon and Pumbaas Grub Ridin Skate as high as possible.
  • Super PopperSuper PopperDefend the core from the balloons.

  • Rumble Ball 4Rumble Ball 4 Try to create a chain reaction and beat the top score.
  • Crazy BattleCrazy BattleShow the world your crazy combat skills in this ultimate battle game.
  • JLO MakeoverJLO MakeoverDo you like Jennifer Lopez! This girl has hired you as a new stylist and you want to show your makeup skills. Give her a proper makeover and accessories.
  • Cyber NibletCyber Niblet It's going to take mad mental and manual skill to get this bitty bot home laser-free! Get to the checkered box without bumping into any enemies, getting shot by them, or getting sliced by the laser. If the goal is locked, you need to ride past all red dots to activate it.
  • Blob DropBlob DropEliminate the blobs before they pile up too high!
  • Anakin vs AsajiAnakin vs Asaji A fight between two Jedi Knights.
  • Mad TruckerMad Trucker Drive your truck and avoid not to hit by other trucks or car.
  • Brothers in Arms Earned in BloodBrothers in Arms Earned in Blood Brace yourself for one bloody combat against some fearsome enemies. Shoot all of 'em before they even got you! Good luck!
  • The Pirate Ship CreatorThe Pirate Ship CreatorNow you can become captain of a pirate ship but first you must create your destruction machine to become the fright of the 7 world of seas.

  • Parody IslandParody IslandIn this Mario style platform adventure, you have to help our superstar DJ Chris Moyles find his way through Parody Island, and collect music notes along the way.

  • Short CutShort CutConnect the road pieces together so the car can reach the end.
  • World Class Chef PortugalWorld Class Chef Portugal Try some Portugese cuisine i your kithcen.
  • Pearl CollectorPearl CollectorCollect pearls in this very addicting match three game. Swap pearls with your cursor to form vertical or horizontal rows of three or more pearls with the same color. You can swap pearls only horizontally and you can do a move even if you don't make a match or if one of the pearls is missing.
  • Hot NailHot Nail Korean girl make up game. The best about this make up game is you can do nail arts as well!
  • Mouse HouseMouse HouseWhen the master is out, the house belongs to the mouse!
  • Italian Pizza MatchItalian Pizza Match Your goal is to reproduce the pizza you select making a pizza that looks the same. Remember well the ingredients of the pizza, because you'll not see it during the game.
  • Puppies SalonPuppies Salon Take good care of the puppies in your stylism center.
  • Sue DumplingsSue DumplingsPlace a little ball on the table, then isolate them it with the roller and grab the ingredients from the dish. Place the mass of the little cake on the little pot and make click on the tool to light up the fire. When this be ready place it on the customers dishes.
    his chemistry class you are seated next to the cutest boy in the high school. Kiss him when the teacher don't be looking making click on him.

  • Make Up Miley CyrusMake Up Miley Cyrus The best thing about Miley Cyrus is that besides being famous, she seems like a simple sort of girl who anyone could chat with. Hanging out with her must be a blast!
  • Monster Match GameMonster Match GameYour objective is collect maximum score by exploding the similar monster tiles.