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  • Lover in UniverseLover in UniverseUse your crossbow to grab gold and other treasures out of the sky. Once it has grabbled something it will pull it up. Heavy objects like rocks and large love nuggets will be harder to pull up. Between levels you can buy items that can help you.
    Fill your love meter by the end of the level or it's game over. Your extra love points at the end of a level will carries over to the next level.
    If you accidentally blow up everything on a level or you just feel like going on, you can press the "end level" button. If you haven't met your level goal it will be game over.
  • Virtual Band 2000Virtual Band 2000Jam and have fun with this virtual band where you get to control all the instruments to make a very rockin' good session. Enjoy!

  • Stadium SneakoutStadium SneakoutYou blew the game, and no one gets angry like sports fans…
  • Pet Shop CaringPet Shop Caringfeed the pets and cats with what they want to have. You can give them milk, food toys and a lot of others things. Try to reach the level and you can also choose a hard or easy way to play the game.

  • Romantic Midnight KissRomantic Midnight KissHelp this couple kiss without being caught by the spies in this free online game.

  • Perry the Perv 2Perry the Perv 2Perry's back and he is still a pervert.

  • Oh My ShinOh My ShinThere is no need to introduce the hero of this game, you already know about him. As a player or fan of Shin you need to keep him away from his Mom by bicycling as much as possible. Along the way you can show the people in town just how amazing a child you are by performing incredible stunts. Also you get to collect your favorite food items as you keep riding. Just avoid bumping into the bins placed in the middle of your way and the water patches if you don't want to slow down, get caught, and get beaten up by Misty!! Be careful, enjoy the ride and above all "Save Poor Shin"!!!!!
  • Fighters RampageFighters Rampage Pick your stick figure and fight against the CPU. Use your special attacks to win each match.
  • Intel RocketmanIntel RocketmanRocket man needs to get to the boss's office, pronto. Problem is, it's up on the tenth floor! Use the Intel rocket chair to get our intrepid executive to his meeting as fast as possible.Collect power-ups for a rocket boost.

  • Gold FieldGold Field Manage your farm and don't let the birds eat your plant.
  • Dracojan Skies Acolytes Alpha VersionDracojan Skies Acolytes Alpha Version Fly against your own military forces for a greater good and protect Ethonia's guardians, the Drakojans. Your squad's mission now is to search for answers as to why these innocent being were targeted for attack. Whoever started it must be found.
  • This Bunny KillsThis Bunny KillsLet them send the ninja bunny legions...you are Bunny, and death is YOURS to deal!
  • Sue Candy DatingSue Candy DatingGet these girls dates with the boys who like them by matching the candy correctly!
  • Angel GirlAngel GirlTake a look at some out of this world fashion items and dress up this beautiful angel girl. Choose one of her fabulous outfits, her hair style and accessories.
  • Cave of WondersCave of Wonders An enjoyable skill game in which you have to complete all kinds of tasks with Bomtoons, an inconspicuous superhero. In the first level, you have to beat a small tirant in three rounds. Have fun finding out what Bomtoons' next task is...
  • Ocean Catch MatchOcean Catch MatchMemory match game with an ocean theme.
  • Volcano Panic In IslandVolcano Panic In Island There is Panic in the Island because of a Volcano erupted. You must avoid the rocks and pick the fruits up to pass other levels.
  • Melody MahjongMelody MahjongSlide 2 of the same mahjong stones next to each other to remove them from the playing field.
  • RoboCityRoboCityThe robots are rallying...against the human race!
  • Wrap AttackWrap Attack Some bad guy has captured Santa and all his gifts. But Tommy is going to save Christmas. It you hit the Z key, you turn bad toys good, and with the X key you create ice bridges.
  • Sweet Kiss in Animal ParkSweet Kiss in Animal Park Try to give sweet kiss to your valentine near animals. Be careful while kissing each other because animals not sleeping.
  • Mass Mayhem 4Mass Mayhem 4Go on crazy killing sprees and destroy everything on your path. Upgrade your weapons and create total havoc!
  • Word Search Gameplay 52Word Search Gameplay 52 Find all Fish given on your screen.
  • ReactionEffectReactionEffectClick on a tile and get a chain reaction of tiles as long as possible!
  • PupzzlePupzzleHelp Pupzzle the puzzle pup complete all his little tasks in this fun and cute little point and click puzzle game!Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game. Collect bones for extra score!
  • Christmas AdventureChristmas AdventureThis game is one of those few puzzle games that stays challenging and addictive without being too difficult. Solve puzzles, move the elements to burn off the line, go through the levels to score points.
  • Spy One BSpy One BControl when your spy jumps. Jump through the platformer levels & grab all the suitcases.
  • Rebelde Stars - DiegoRebelde Stars - Diegore you ready to highlight Diego's jaw-dropping looks with some super stylish, fancy designer clothes and trendy chic accessories? Then seize the chance of being his personal fashion stylist!
  • New Ball 2New Ball 2By controlling the gun to aim and shoot colorful balls. Ball close to the gun show next ball.
  • SkatoonySkatoony Guess what masterpieces Monkey Hoo is creating with his paint.
  • Indestructo Tank EAIndestructo Tank EAUse the enemies' own weapons against them!
  • Tessas New PetTessas New Pet This is the sixth part of the nearly famous Tessa series. In this part Tessa is looking for a new dog. You have to help her. You can create a perfect dog for Tessa in this game. Take a tail, eyes, nose, stripes, spots, legs, colors, backgrounds and a lot more and there it is: Tessa's new pet.
  • Flower FlyerFlower Flyer Flower Flyer is a very similar game to the Meeblings series. Your task is to rescue as many yellow flowers as possible. The pink and blue flower have special powers. Use their special abilities to rescue the yellow flowers.
  • BlobbeezBlobbeezA growing population of Blobbeez have overrun part of an underground sewage system. Stop them by matching pairs of Blobbeez of the same color. Use power ups appearing regularly throughout the game to aid in your task. Hurry before they escape into the city! Fun and addictive game play for all ages.
  • Ark InvadersArk Invaders Be amazed by the new game that gives you all the best features of Arkanoid and Space invaders. Collect powers to improve your ship and succeed in passing the 20 levels by destroying alien ships.
  • Patapon 2: The Art of WarPatapon 2: The Art of WarTo take back their stolen home, they will master their enemies to the beat of the drum. Complete levels to unlock designs for creating your own, personalized Patapon wallpaper.

  • Lumber ZapLumber ZapDefend against an onslaught of pastel lumber jacks. Place trees, & zap the jacks.
  • Riddle School 2Riddle School 2Pick up items, look at the map, and leave the school!
  • Texting In ClassTexting In Class School is boring, right? So why not waste away time by texting all of your friends? But be careful as the wicked teacher can catch you and kick you out of class! Make sure you manage to send enough texts in each lesson to make it to the next class!
  • BuildBuild Use the color pieces in the right side box to place inside the empty box within the out line without wasting a single piece. Beware of the pieces which slips away while placing. Once the pieces are been placed it cannot be replaced.
  • Magic RingsMagic RingsThe witch is learning how to fly. Move through the middle of the rings to score. Pass all rings to advance level. Take care not to fall down or you will loose a life.
  • Beach Racer 3DBeach Racer 3DLeave your opponents spinning their wheels in the sand in this blazing beach race.
  • Canpop 2Canpop 2 Once you pop, you won't wanna stop!
  • Astrolander 101Astrolander 101 This is the result of two of the sweetest things in the world- Crayons, and a Casio keyboard soundtrack. Enjoy, and aim for the target.